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Alejandro Ahmed

kinetic dramaturgy and choreography

Quem Sou

Alejandro Ahmed - 1971

Alejandro Ahmed is the resident choreographer, artistic director and dancer of ‘Grupo Cena 11 Cia. de Dança’. As a self-educated choreographer, his work developed as an answer to the necessity that he had to integrate his particular views of the world and the dance that he had been experiencing. With Cena 11, Ahmed has promoted the development of a technique where the objective is to create dance which focuses on the body, that is, dance where a particular body is better capable to process the ideas contained in the movements. He has termed this technique ‘physical perception’ and it is one of the main structures of his work. His attention focuses on the limits of the body and the possibilities that it can offer towards the transformation of the body of the other, this other being a spectator and/or a partner in the action that both are submitted to.
Ahmed’s current investigations are situated in new definitions of the concept of choreography. Terms such as ‘choreographic situation’, ‘immaterial choreography’ and ‘generative dance’ name the areas of interest where Ahmed develops his work procedures with Cena 11 and as a solo performer. His new theoretical and practical propositions establish the co-relational triad EMERGENCE-COHERENCE-RITUAL as guidelines of his actions.
With 17 works premiered between 1994 and 2016, in collaboration with Grupo Cena 11 has been recognized for the singularity in its proposals and creations in Dance. With 4 awards APCA (Association of Art Critics of São Paulo), a Bravo Award, the Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award, Itaú Transmídia and Itaú Rumos Dança. Wish enphasis to the projects: Violência, SkinnerBox, Pequenas Frestas de Ficção Sobre Realidade insistente” (PFdFSRi), Carta de Amor ao Inimigo, Monotonia de Aproximação e Fuga para Sete Corpos, Protocolo Elefante.



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