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Tree audio file extracted from the Project Whispering Bodies to Spielart 2017 - Munich Stadtmuseum


For WHISPERING BODIES, the first part of AUDIOREFLEX MÜNCHEN – SÃO PAULO (the second half will take place in Brazil in 2018), three artists from both cities will use audio guides to establish personal and political references to the exhibition pieces in the collection of the Münchner Stadtmuseum. Alejandro Ahmed’s audio walk contains small choreographic tasks to observe one’s own body, pulse, and breathing rhythm in context with the museum’s architecture. Via the unusual format of audio performances for a museum, new possibilities will be opened up for the exhibitions to be experienced in a playful and yet critical manner.



by Alejandro Ahmed

Narrator Jelena Kuljic


This audio walk through the permanent exhibition "Typisch München!" ("Typical Munich!") draws attention to perceiving one's own body in the context of the exhibition architecture and in context of the exhibits. In a suggestive manner, he brings the listeners to observe their own bodies in order to confront them suddenly with the words of someone who is not there: "I come from somewhere in the South." In view of the sculptures and objects in the museum, word associations challenge the listeners to face their personal memories: memories of enchantments and farewells, memories of the names of beloved ones and the names of cheated ones. And over and over again, the absent person from west of the Atlantic Ocean intervenes.


The audio piece begins in the foyer of Münchner Stadtmuseum, right in front of the entrance to the exhibition "Typisch München!" ("Typical Munich!"). Please enter the number 701 on the keypad of the audio guide and then press the "play" button.

choreografic adherence to non oblivion_track06Alejandro Ahmed feat Jelena Kulic
Wicked Game - choreografic adherence to non-oblivion (Alejandro Ahmed) track08Chris Isaak feat Jelena Kulic (voice) Andreas Kurz (Bass)
Love Song - choreografic adherence to non-oblivion (Alejandro Ahmed) track09The Cure feat Jelena Kulic (voice) Andreas Kurz (Bass)
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